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Our Journey

I started Flor de Olas Swim when I was twenty three years old. I had been traveling around Central America for a year, and landed back home in San Diego broke but inspired. It started pretty primitively. Spandex off of the sale rack at my local craft store and the cheapest serger I could get my hands on. It grew faster than I would have imagined at the time. I grew with it and can truly say designing swim is my life's work now at thirty three. But it also grew into something I started to become unsure of, so I closed the doors in 2020. The changes we’ve all gone through in the last two years is unexplainable. We’ve changed as people, as families, as Communities. This new launch of Flor de Olas Swim is my twenty three year old selfs passion project. A decade later I hope it finds you in a new light. We are older, wiser and stronger. We know what we like, and we know who we are.

I’ve always had a fire that burns for travel and adventure. It’s what has fueled every design I’ve made. It what’s driven me when I cant travel. I grew up spending most of my time in Baja with my family, on the gulf side by a river not many people have heard of. My love for water and the desert comes from this magic place. When I design my heart is in Mexico. I crave functional pieces, that can take you from a swim to a trail run. Or from yoga to a surf. Something I can hike in but can also use at the gym later. I like to think our swim is in your bag for your next adventure and looks like it’s been through some shit. That it’s first on your mind when you want something comfortable to swim and hike in. I design pieces for women like myself, who are active, and don't exactly like to just sit on the beach, although it works great for that too. My swimwear is for that Woman.

The Inspiration

There’s a place where saguaros & sand dunes meet a flat ultramarine sea. It’s here where every collection begins. Where dreams of adventure and long blazing desert days are cooled by a salt stained breeze.

This is where our minds travel when we create each piece. Perpetually inspired by an unforgiving terrain made habitable by the sea, the goal is always functionality. To bring you pieces inspired by your biggest adventure that will be the staple in your bag every trip. Classic silhouettes and comfort driven materials made well, to last you year after year.

It is our hope that when you buy a piece it is the start to every great adventure. A dirt road less traveled. The inspiration of some tough, fun, salty and dirty endeavours. It is our hope That you wear it chalk full of memories and long enough to be threadbare.

How We are Made

Through the years we’ve gone from handmade, to factory production, and are now back to our roots. Although all clothing you wear is technically ‘handmade’ by someone whether that be in a factory or a home. We now operate solely in our own teeny tiny production house.

From cut to sew, everything is made in very small batches or made to order, packed up and shipped out right here in Oceanside, California. We try to source recycled spandex when we can, or use deadstock fabric as often as possible. We print our fabric locally and in small quantities, so when its gone its gone. But our main sustainability contribution comes from the fact that we are a two to three person operation. Fabric waste is next to none and nothing is mass produced. We keep everything local and in-house production allows the best quality control.

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Owner | Founder

Owner | Founder